January 9, 2007

We anchored in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, yesterday afternoon. Today was our day off; tomorrow we will stay on the ship and go back to the training. After going to the Internet café to check our e-mails and the latest news, we got one of those taxis to get to Paradise Beach. They are everywhere, and pick up people off the side of the road. They drive very fast on narrow, hilly bumpy roads, and how drivers honk all the time for anything: they honk at ladies, pedestrians, goats, sheep, dogs, other vans, turns, well anything you could think about! But we got to Paradise Beach and I thought it was amazingly beautiful. The scenery was great because of the turquoise colour of the water, the sand bar on the horizon, the little fishing boats, the shells and the corals lying on the golden sand etc… We had a great time there, swimming, tanning, the quiet Caribbean I guess.

Anyway, I cannot wait until tomorrow when we are going to learn more about seamanship and tall ship handling. Even if it has been tiring at some points, I am having a great time here. As you may know, there are a lot of lines (lines, not ropes, that’s what I have been told), I don’t know them all yet, and there are also many other things that I have not heard about, but the plan is that the day after tomorrow we will get going so we all have to get prepared. This will be the rousing Caribbean experience.



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