Dreams can come true

January 13, 2007

When I was small, in the drawing class at school, I liked to draw a tall ship sailing in the sea. I had no idea what a ship or the sea looked like, but I had some theories. I thought that the sea was an endless area full of water which started in China. I do not know why I chose China and not any other country. Furthermore, I was born and lived my whole life in the desert of Algeria, where there is no surface water and the drinking water comes from tens of miles away. I got to ride the desert ships (camels), but never thought I would one day sail on a tall ship.

Despite the fact that I lived in a desert, I loved water and always wanted to sail on a ship like the one I used to draw. This time my dream came true, I am sailing on the Picton Castle and in the Caribbean. This trip has been full of interesting things and surprises. When in Carriacou, which is a small island part of Grenada, I got to go to the beach and see the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. One of the most beautiful beaches in the island was Paradise Beach, which I really liked, and I got the opportunity to go swimming, but sadly I was not able to go snorkeling.

Even though I come from a totally different environment, but I felt the connection to the place and it seemed as if I have lived here for many years. After Carriacou, we are heading to Petit Martinique, which is even smaller island, and I am sure I will experience even more exciting things.



2 Responses to Dreams can come true

  1. Hilde Fiva says:

    Dear Senia, I hope you continue having a wonderful trip

    Much love,

  2. Sarah Kajani says:

    Hey Senia,

    It sounds like you are having an amazing time..cant wait to see you! muah

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