It felt so much like home

January 12, 2007

It is really busy here, even if you are off-watch. There are many things to do and see in the islands, and that is why I was not able to keep up-to-date with my entries for the blog. I have been accumulating them in my journal and never had time to type them up.

My second day in Grenada was amazing, touring the island with members of the MHC group, crew members Evan and Travis, and Sara, another sail trainee. The whole trip was full of surprises and fascinating things. In this trip, I got to see and taste fruits that I never even heard off. In addition, I got to see the beautiful landscapes of Grenada, such as mountains, forests and waterfalls.

I went to the market, which reminded me so much of the Friday market back home. This was not the only thing that I found in the island similar to that of Algeria. Though, the two countries are geographically located in different continents, they still shared many cultural similarities. For instance, when walking in the street, I felt safe. Moreover, the way people drove in the streets, high speeds and no organization, was another similar aspect. In addition, one of the most interesting things was that of Taxi drivers. One can get a Taxi very easily because you do not have to ask for it, the drivers would offer you a ride, but you would have to negotiate the prices. Nevertheless, there was a tradition different from home, the piping style. I found it an interesting way of communication between the drivers, they would pip every other five minutes. It was funny but interesting at the same time.

In just a day, I got to experience many things that I never thought would have the opportunity to experience. I really enjoyed and loved Grenada, which reminded me so much of home; however, it was really sad saying goodbye to the island and the people. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience, and I hope I would be able to visit Grenada again in the future.



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