Saturday Night, Jan 6

January 9, 2007

We’ve only been here a little over two days but I feel like we’ve crammed so many things into this short period of time. Since we got here (most anyway) Thursday, I’ve scrubbed the deck, learned how to cook in a galley, been hotter than I’ve ever been in my life, and done a ton of painting. This is all because we’re at the dock in Grenada. I’ve also been taught the lines by Emma and some others; there are a lot of them total but apparently only 13 different ones. I can usually figure out what lines are what by tugging on them and seeing where they go, but I have trouble with some of the sail names.

We’ve also been exploring Grenada bit by bit, when we’re let off watch (which is actually more often than I thought it would be.) This morning some of us had a half a day off so we went to this beautiful waterfall, Annandale, and a few brave souls jumped off the side into the pool below. It was about 60 feet and Becky made us all proud by beating both the guys up there to the punch. Evan and Travis jumped after her. To be fair, it took all of them a while to figure it out because there was a particular area you had to jump into. I shouldn’t be talking at all, I didn’t even jump. Our ride back was fun too, our guide/driver kept stopping and picking fruit and spices for us. I ate starfruit, peas, and a coco nut. Very tasty. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be learning more about actually sailing the Picton Castle. Cheers for now